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Team Tundra Wildlife Artists present an outstanding service designed to display your trophy of a lifetime in a distinctive, artistic fashion that will demand attention from all viewers.

Every display is designed uniquely and is never created identically.

We have supported our clients by understanding their desires, meeting their objectives, investing in taxidermy education and innovative research, product development and providing superior quality service.

As an industry leader, we offer an immense variety of services at competitive prices.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements!


Our clients are historians of nature. It is through your appreciation and respect for mother nature and the artistic preservation of your trophies that you are ensuring that the legacy of our wildlife will live on for generations to come. It is to this endeavor that we use convincing natural habitat settings to capture the splendor of God's creatures.


At Tundra Taxidermy we prefer to be recognized as wildlife artists rather than taxidermists.

From the time we commission your piece and progress it through the design, construction and finishing phases we consider your trophy to be a work of art, just like a painting or fine sculpture. Basic art concepts such as composition, color, dynamic impact, contrast, texture, positive and negative space, and general artistic appeal are carefully considered.

For outstanding, innovative and creative ideas call Tundra Taxidermy to discuss your specific needs.

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A business is only as good as the people who work together to make it thrive. These valued members of our team help to ensure our business is the best it can be.

Steve Von Hagen - Wildlife Artist
Owen Arthur - Wildlife Artist

Karla Von Hagen - Administration
Rena Von Hagen - Administration/Finishing
James Anderson - Project Assistant
George Ferguson - Project Assistant
Winterwood Crafts - Custom Bases and Cabinetry 

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Steve Von Hagen hard at work
on lifesize whitetail deer for
the Cabela's store.